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MixCity International



MixCity Belgium was officiallylaunched in October 2011. This network aims to reinforce women’s visibility aswell as to improve diversity at all levels within the company.

Any person workingfor BNP Paribas Fortis can join the network : women and men, whether they aremanagers or not.

MixCity Belgium’sboard is currently composed of 8 women, coming from different activities andfunctions, with very diverse profiles. Among them, Ilse Haest, FinanceTransformation Manager within BNP Paribas Fortis, volunteered as the firstMixCity Belgium’s chairwoman. The board will welcome new members to accompanyits development during the next few months.

For furtherinformation, please contact

UNITED KINGDOM :WIN - Women's Internal Network

Launchedby CIB  (Corporate & Investment Banking) in London in November2009, WIN has 3 main goals :

-Education : to broaden knowledge of our organisation and businesses and sponsorskills-based training

-Mentoring : to develop talent and provide support and guidance to women basedin the UK

-Leverage : to offer a range of networking events and opportunities

Forfurther information, please contact Kara LEMONT - ou HannahDICKINSON -

USA : DiversityCouncil & Women's Business Networking Group

TheUS Diversity Council was created by the Territory Management Committee in2009.  It was formed to help position BNP Paribas as a leader in diversityand inclusion and to help ensure that employees are treated with respect, whilepromoting a stimulating work environment where employees are empowered tosucceed. It endeavors to foster diversity and inclusion and harness itscreative power to best serve our clients, our shareholders and our employees.

TheWomen's Business Networking Group (WBNG) was started in late 2009 as part ofthe Diversity Council's mandate to create strategic organizations whichrepresent certain affinity groups within BNP Paribas North America and advancethe Diversity Council's mission statement. The WBNG membership currently includesover 100 BNP Paribas U.S. employees.  It aims to promote visibility andgender equality in the workplace and provide a forum for networking internallyand externally.  The WBNG hopes to recognise the many facets of successfulprofessional women and the issues they overcome to succeed in the financialservices industry, as well as provide tools to enhance professionaldevelopment.

Forfurther information, please contact: Simone VINOCOUR - or Rachel AKOHONAE -


Launched the 17th of October 2012, a board of 10women from both BGL & BNP Paribas is currently designing the 2013 priorities.

For further information, please contact Fabienne Dasnoy -


The MixCity Italy’s network, a board of few women from BNP Paribas, iscurrently designing the 2013 priorities.

For further information, please contact Christine Devilleneuve -


The MixCity Hong-Kong’s network was launched in June 2012 with anofficial hosting by Jean-Laurent Bonnafé, Group Chief Executive Officer of BNP Paribas. The board is currentlydesigning the 2013 priorities.

For further information, please contact Virginie Dumont - ou Nathalie RIE -


This network is composed by few women from BNP Paribas, and is currentlydesigning the 2013 priorities.

For further information, please contact Theresa Ho -

Last update : 04/04/2013